Book 10 Years

Mobility in 1 Moment, Stories and Photos Book

An EMBARQ Brasil tribute to partner cities, through texts and photographs by local artists, invited to tell stories with words and pictures, involving aspects of urban mobility strongly related to people’s daily lives.


The look of a passenger on a bus crossing the city of São Paulo. A love story that almost ends in a taxi towards the São José dos Campos airport. A wheelchair user brings together a young couple in a bus trip under the Florianópolis sunset. Reflections of bystanders, cars and buses are mixed with the bicycles at the Bicycle Museum in Joinville. Those are a few scenes present in the book that celebrates the ten years of EMBARQ Brasil and pays tribute to partner cities. The publication gathers short stories, chronicles and photography from writers and artists from different places: Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Brasília, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, São José dos Campos, Juiz de Fora, Florianópolis, Salvador and Joinville. How are the cities occupied and lived by its inhabitants? what their commuting through the metropolis tell us about their lives, worries, desires, dreams? Questions such as these oriented the work of writers and artists around the idea of urban mobility. They are: Anuschka Lemos, Chico Mattoso, Eduardo Beltrame, Dirceu Maués, Fabrizio Motta, Gabriela Goulart Mora, Iacyr Anderson Freitas, Jacques Fux, Laura Erber, Leticia Kamada, Letícia Vitral, Luís Henrique Pellanda, Luiza Baldan, Mariana Galender, Paulo Roxo Barja, Pedro Motta, Priscila Lolata, Priscila Lopes, Rosa Bunchaft and Rubens da Cunha. The book curatorship is by Fernanda Albuquerque.

Fernanda Albuquerque is a researcher and art curator. She is working on her doctorate in Art History, Theory and Critic at PPGA/UFRGS, Porto Alegre, with an internship at the University of the Arts in London. She was an Assistant Curator for the 9th Mercosul Biennial (2011), when she worked as the Curatorial Coordinator for Casa M, and Visual Arts Curator of the São Paulo Cultural Center (2008-2010). Collaborating with other curators, she curated exhibitions such as “Sinais de Fumaça” (CCSP, São Paulo, 2009), “Passagens Secretas” (CCSP, São Paulo, 2008) and “Campo Coletivo” (Centro Universitário Maria Antonia, São Paulo, 2008). She worked for the Educational Project at the São Paulo Biennial Foundation, developing seminars and education publications (2010-2013), she was a member of the art critic group of the Paço das Artes, in São Paulo (2007-2010), and worked at the Tomie Ohtake Institute, developing courses and educational publications (2006-2010).


Luís Henrique Pellanda - Curitiba
Writer, journalist, author of books such as “O Macaco Ornamental and “Nós Passaremos em Branco”, and was nominated for the 2012 Jabuti Award. He works as a journalist, interviewer, curator, mediator, reviewer and columnist in several events and media companies throughout Brazil.

Chico Mattoso - São Paulo
Born in France but always lived in São Paulo. Graduated in Portuguese by USP (University of São Paulo), he was one of Acaro Magazine editors and has several published texts in different newspapers and magazines. “Longe de Ramiro”, his first novel, was nominated for the Jabuti Award. He also works as a screenwriter.


Laura Erber - Rio de Janeiro
Her artistic output has been marked by the constant crossing between languages. Her work is motivated by the constant need of releasing the signs and renegotiating the verbal and visual fields. Her work has been exhibited in several international festivals of cinema and video, as well as art centers in Brazil and Europe.

Iacyr Anderson Freitas - Juiz de Fora
He is the author of, among many, “Primeiro livro de chuvas” (1991) and “Lázaro” (1995), besides the essay “Heidegger and the origins of the artwork” (1993).


Jacques Fux - Belo Horizonte
Emerged as a writer with the novel “Antiterapias”. With his first fiction work, he won, in late 2013, the São Paulo Literature Award, on the new writer category, with less than 40 years old.

Priscila Lopes - Florianópolis
She has distinguished herself in several literary competitions. In 2009, she published her first short stories book, “Uns traços, todos imponderáveis”. In 2010 she was invited to take part in the anthology “Cantares Catarinas – A Nova Poesia Catarinense”, which puts together 21 new generation poets of Santa Catarina.


Rubens da Cunha - Joinville
He was born on March 7, 1971. He’s a professor of Literature and Portuguese. He is currently working on his doctorate in literature, at the Santa Catarina Federal University – UFSC, with a research around the theatrical works of Hilda Hilst.

Gabriela Goulart Mora - Brasília
Journalist, works in social development projects and produces content about childhood and adolescence rights. She worked in NGOs and international organizations in Brazil, England and India. Abroad, she began writing the blog “Tão Longe Tão Perto”, in a movement of getting close and apart with what could become familiar far away from home.


Priscila Lolata - Salvador
She is currently working on her doctorate in Architecture and Urbanism in the Federal University of Bahia and is graduated in tourism by the Olga Metting Faculdades Integradas. She has experience in teaching grad and post-grad and works at the contemporary urbanism and arts department, focusing in Art History, curatorship and critic.

Paulo Barja - São José dos Campos
He is the creator of the “Cordéis Joseenses”, besides having published more than 50 cordel pamphlets and 5 books. Besides, he has more than 40 articles published in academic journals in Brazil and other counties, a chapter in an international book and more than 200 works in event annals. Nowadays, he shares his time between teaching, research and artistic activities (mainly literature and music).



Anuschka Lemos - Curitiba
She is graduated in communication (UFPR) and has a master’s degree in Arts (New School for Social Research) and Communication and Languages (UTP). After working as a commercial photographer, she now focuses on authorial projects since 2000. She exhibited her work in several countries across Latin America.

Mariana Galender - São Paulo
She is graduated in Industrial Design at the Faculdade de Belas Artes de São Paulo, and Visual Arts, at USP. In her research, one finds often images that bring as their subject common and banal objects of everyday life and invite to an experience of abandonment, silence and escapes.


Luiza Baldan - Rio de Janeiro
Graduated and has a master’s degree in Visual Arts on UFRJ and Florida International University. In 2014 she opened her individual exhibition “Build Up” at the MdM gallery in Paris and participated in the collective exhibition “Cruzamentos: Contemporary Art in Brazil”, at the Wexner Center for the Arts. She published the book “São Casas” in October 2012.

Letícia Vitral - Juiz de Fora
Graduated in Arts and Design at the Federal University of Juiz de Fora. Between August 2011 and August 2012 she studied Visual Arts and History at the Siegen University in Germany, where she had intense contact with analogic film development and the historical German photography schools.


Pedro Motta - Belo Horizonte
Graduated in design by the Escola de Belas Artes at UFMG and works as a photographer since 1995. He published Paisagem Submersa which portraits the river communities whose land were partially inundated to form the lake of the Irapé Hydroelectric Power Plant, at the Jequitinhonha River bed.

Eduardo Beltrame - Florianópolis
Graduated in civil engineering with a passion for photography. His style is casual and spontaneous, with images that capture decisive and unique moments, and that register small life details, a different angle, an exclusive scene.


Fabrizio Motta - Joinville
He began studying photography when he was at a Design school. In 2012 he started his company and began working the market alone, with his own studio and latest generation equipment, always focusing on quality and commitment for his costumers.

Dirceu Maués - Brasília
He began his freelance work for alternative magazines and newspapers. He was one of the photographers selected to take place in the publication titled “Fotographia contemporânea paraense: panorama 80-90”, sponsored by Petrobrás. In 2003, he returned to his authorial production, adopting the pinhole photography technique as his aesthetic language.


Rosa Bunchaft - Salvador
Daughter of Brazilian political exiles, she was born in Naples, Italy. She lives in Salvador, Bahia, for 33 years  where her authorial production entered the artistic scene in 2012, when she participated at the XI Recôncavo Biennial and the Salões Regionais de Artes Visuais, where she was awarded.

Leticia Kamada - São José dos Campos
Graduated in Visual Communication at UNESP and specialized in Image and Sound Development in Electronic Medias. As a visual artist he has experience and works in photography, audiovisual, poetry (haikai) and interventions. She composes usually in series that portrait time lapse.


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